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In-person classes suspended indefinitely. Online classes are below:


Lineage is committed to continuing our programming as much as possible! Thank you for your support!



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Lineage is dedicated to making the arts accessible to all, regardless of age, ability or background.

Through our community outreach programming at the Lineage Performing Arts Center (LPAC), we strive to provide joyous creative experiences through performances, classes, and workshops. One of the most important components of our outreach is the series of FREE weekly classes offered for those in our community living with Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Stroke Recovery, and Down Syndrome.

Dancing Through Cancer

Lineage Dance partners with Elizabeth’s Canvas to offer a restorative dance experience for cancer survivors and those undergoing treatment. A dance class for all ages and stages, this is a supportive group that allows you to grow, heal and flourish through movement. Nourish your body, mind and spirit through creative expression, gentle movement, and the joy of dance! Dancing Through Cancer is currently on hiatus, but check the class schedule for updates!

Everyday Movement

Lineage Dance has developed a new program for persons with neurological challenges that focuses on everyday movements like getting out of a car, walking backwards, and handling stairs. Go to the CLASS SCHEDULE to see when Everyday Movement happens this week!

Dancing Through Parkinson's
Dancing Through Parkinson's

Dancing Through Parkinson's
Dancing Through Parkinson's

Wednesday 2-3pm.

Austin and Mary Anne
Austin and Mary Anne

A performance from the Parkinson's Class at the Lineage Annual Gala

Dancing Through Parkinson's
Dancing Through Parkinson's


Dancing with Parkinson’s & other Neurological Challenges

Despite its name, Dancing with Parkinson's is for everyone! Lineage Dance offers a specialized dance class for adults with neurological challenges to focus your mind and body to move with purpose, creativity, musicality & grace. Classes provide a joyous experience that enhances ones balance, while simultaneously developing control and freedom of the participant’s movement. Go to the CLASS SCHEDULE to see when Dancing With Parkinson's happens this week!

Dancing with Alzheimers

Lineage teaches a class at The Community Assistance Program for Seniors (CAPS),  "an Alzheimer’s daycare center that provides socialization and stimulation for persons living with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, and related disorders" in Pasadena. For more info about CAPS, click here. (Supported in part by funds received from the Pasadena Tournament of Roses® Foundation.)

Acting and Voice for Neurological Challenges

Lineage has teamed up with actors and musicians for a series of classes that focus on improving quality of life and expression through singing and acting. Taught by professional artists or certified music therapists, these classes focus on the physical as well as emotional well-being of everyone in the class. No experience necessary! Go to the CLASS SCHEDULE to see when Acting and Voice happen this week!

Through funds raised by Moving Day Los Angeles, A Walk for Parkinson's, Dance For Joy classes are free to the public! Lineage is grateful to the Parkinson's Foundation for their support!


Classes are also supported in part by the Tournament of Roses Foundation, the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts, and the Pasadena Arts League.