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Matter of Time (October 27-November 5) is the Lineage Performing Arts Center's interactive dance, theater, and storytelling event that spans our entire building! Every room takes on a new decade, whisking audiences through important cultural, political, and historical moments from the 1950s to the year 1999.

"It’s a journey that is both a kick in the pants party and an emotionally visceral dive into our collective and individual experiences of the past."
- South Pasadenan

Read the complete review here.


Travel Through Time

Join all your favorite Lineage dancers, singers, actors, writers, and creators on a guided tour through a curated live performance event that will inspire you to look at your place in history.

When you arrive, you'll decide whether you want to go forwards or backwards in time, then travel beyond the theater for performances throughout the space. We also encourage you t
o become part of the show by dressing up from your favorite decade!

Matter of Time is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Pasadena Arts and Culture Commission, and the Pasadena Cultural Affairs Divison.

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