Statement from Artistic Director Hilary Thomas, Executive Director Brian Elerding, Production and Development Coordinator Debbie Ortiz, and the Lineage Board of Directors:


We at The Lineage Performing Arts Center are appalled at the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others. We would like to affirm our support for those in our community striving for justice, and simultaneously acknowledge our privilege. These horrific acts have led us to engage in critical discussions during rehearsals, meetings, and classes about our place in our community, and our responsibility to end the systemic racism which results in violence towards our Black neighbors. 


To the Black members of the extended Lineage family and our new neighborhoods: if we can be of service to you, we are standing by. As an arts organization, we would like to use our physical space, resources, and platform to support you.


As part of our commitment to fight systemic oppression, we are taking active steps not only to learn how to better support our community, but to continuously unlearn our biases, and re-educate ourselves on the realities of being Black in America. 


We do not have all of the answers, and there is so much more that can be said, and more importantly done. Ultimately we are a place of creation, connection, and healing, and we hope to be that for you. 


Brian, Debbie, & Hilary

June 5th, 2020



To find out more about the actions Lineage is taking, or to give us suggestions on how to better support you during this time, email Executive Director Brian Elerding at