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Parkinson's Disease - Stroke - TBI - MS

and other neurological differences

All Classes Are Open to All Abilities – Work Seated or Standing

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2 dancers from the Dance for Joy Classes performing

Class Descriptions

Dance for Joy

Monday & Wednesday at 2pm - FREE

This class is a great place to start, if you're new to the program. A specialized dance class for adults with neurological challenges designed to focus on your mind and body to move with purpose, creativity, musicality & grace. Classes provide a joyous experience that enhances one's balance, while simultaneously developing control and freedom of the participant's movement. Click here to see when the next class occurs.

Voice and Music

Wednesday at 1pm - FREE

Breathe, Talk, and then Sing! This class focuses on the fundamentals of each while improving pulmonary function, projection, and articulation. Click here to see when the next class occurs.

Foundations/Tackling Everyday Movement

Temporarily on hiatus

The Foundations Class lays a base for people who face movement challenges. This class will be spent rigorously practicing specific exercises that target foundational motor skills like walking, sidestepping, turning, and reaching. Click here to see when the next class occurs.

Acting for Joy

Wednesday at 10:45am - FREE

A fun, free class for everybody! Partner with actors of all level of skill and experience to work on poems, monologues, and scenes, and focus on techniques that will improve your communication and mitigate the effects of neurological challenges. Click here to see when the next class occurs.

Dance for Joy

Transforming challenges into meaningful expression

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Classes are also supported in part by the Davis Phinney Foundation, The Tournament of Roses Foundation, the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts, and the Pasadena Arts League.

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